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Aimy Steele, Ph.D.

Consultant * Broker * Entrepreneur

for buyers and sellers

Real Estate Services

Aimy helps her clients select, assess, evaluate, and purchase lots, land, homes, and commercial properties to balance their portfolios. Her aim is to help individuals, families, and companies make wise financial real estate investments.

Aimy helps her clients navigate their personal financial portfolios to make the smartest real estate moves.

She is also experienced in helping manage the credit building process to give clients more positive purchasing positions. Aimy’s goal is to ensure that her clients have homeownership and real estate investing as the bedrock to their portfolios.

for married couples

Relationship Coaching

Marriage by the Minute is a coaching service for couples who want to improve their relationship and build a stronger foundation for their marriage.

Thes coaching sessions provide a space for couples to openly discuss their relationship and identify areas that need improvement. Aimy and Mike will also equip couples with the tools and knowledge they need to build a healthier and happier relationship.


About me

Hi, I’m Aimy!

Dr. Aimy Steele is an award winning, acclaimed leader, entrepreneur, teacher, author, speaker, and advocate. Aimy is a former K-12 Spanish teacher and school principal who has dedicated her life to ensuring students have what they need to be successful.

As a Spanish teacher, she led curriculum and development for World Languages teachers before becoming a high school assistant principal and a middle and elementary school principal.

Her focus on leading STEM schools, growing student achievement, and professional development led her to pursue a run for political office as a candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives. After running unsuccessfully two election cycles in a row, Aimy decided to take her losses and turn them into redemptive action by starting the New North Carolina Project and the New North Carolina Project Foundation to help engage Black and Brown voters in the electoral process. Their aim is to make political leadership in North Carolina mirror the residents who live in the state as well as registering people to vote in every election, every time.

Aimy believes that all people should have access to power in various aspects of their lives including financial management and investments. Her most recent endeavor capitalized on her 17 years of real estate brokerage experience to obtain approval from a local municipality to erect a 13-unit affordable rental townhome development that addresses the local housing crisis and provides sustainable living and stimulates the local economy.

Serving as a community leader, Aimy’s focus is on continuing to maintain a space of advocacy for the most vulnerable people in the local community and does this through her service in her local Rotary Club, Jack and Jill of America, The Links, Incorporated, and New Life Baptist Church. She and her husband Michael reside in Concord, NC with their 5 children.